PYREX® Solution Bottles, Corning®

1595-3X 1595-12 1596-9L 1596-13L 1595-5 1595-2X 1596-19L
89091-148 16145-080 89091-530 89091-150 16145-068 89091-528 16145-161
PYREX® Solution Bottles, Corning®
Bottles Solution Bottles
Designed for storage of solutions or media preparation

The 2.5 and 3.5-gallon sizes are conventional shape; the 5 and 12-gallon sizes are similar to carboys in design. Necks are tooled to increase mechanical strength and for uniform stopper fit. Accepts No. 12 rubber stopper. Type I glass.

Ordering information: Available plain or with graduations. Graduated bottles have black enamel graduations in double scale, graduated in 500mL increments. Stopper not included.