SafetySpace™ Filter Pipet Tips, Sterile, Sartorius

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SafetySpace™ Filter Pipet Tips, Sterile, Sartorius
Pipet Tips
SafetySpace™ Filter Tips, made of virgin polypropylene, feature filter barriers that effectively capture solid and liquid aerosol particles

  • Filter minimizes the risk of aerosol contamination
  • Large empty volume between the sample and filter prevents liquid from contacting the filter
  • Covers tip volumes from 10 to 1200 µL
  • Certified free of DNase, RNase, and endotoxins
  • E-beam pre-sterilized
  • Full traceability
  • Color-coded trays indicate the matching color-coded Sartorius pipette

The unique feature of SafetySpace™ Filter Tips is the additional space left between the sample and the filter that conventional filter tips do not provide. This extra space prevents the liquid from touching and permeating the filter, and thus guarantees pipetting accuracy. Any liquid types and pipetting techniques can be applied without the risk of liquid permeating the filter.

The filter is made of polyethylene without self-sealing additives to avoid any interference with the sample and results. The filter not only protects the sample against contamination, but also prolongs the maintenance interval of the pipette.

Packaging: Single tray rack. 96 tips in convenient and reusable tray racks (sales unit contains 10 tray racks, total 960 tips).